A healthy body is more than workouts. It is a combination of exercise, diet, and a never-give-up mindset. The advertisements we see on TV with people with well-sculpted cores want us to believe that the (toned bodies) are a result of eating their tuna or taking their dietary supplement, but we all know it takes more than putting a few spoonfuls to transform into that.

As if weight loss and maintaining your goal weight is not hard enough, sometimes there are stubborn fats that will not leave no matter how many pounds you think you have lost. These flabs are usually found around your waist, in your hips, at your back, and despite the feeling that you are indeed healthy, (the stubborn cellulite keeps holding you back).

targeted fat loss needs weight trainingTargeted weight loss is a lifestyle plan that involves body part-specific training by personal trainers in your local area and a healthy diet. And can you believe the takeaway here is the diet?

Yes, the secret to getting rid of stubborn fat lies in the diet. Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin developed the Biosignature Modulation Method, a system that makes use of fat measurements to determine which hormone is out of whack so you can rebalance it through vitamins, improved diet, supplements, and of course, strength train.

In the left column are the hormones and on the right are the places they usually manifest themselves in ugly ways.

Hormone Abnormal Skin Fold Measurement
Thyroid Upper abs below end of ribs
Estrogen Hamstrings, quads
Testosterone Chest, triceps
Growth Hormone Knee, Calf
Cortisol Stomach
Insulin Love handle, upper back

This concept may have a handful of doubting Thomases, but science has spoken: In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists discovered that there was indeed a loss of fat in the upper arm when they raised testosterone levels above normal. A similar study in Yale University also stated that the stress hormone cortisol indeed increases abdominal fat.

muscle definition does not come over nightIf you are planning to try targeted weight loss, the first thing you should do is to get the fat on your problem areas with a caliper through the help of a qualified Biosignature practitioner. After that, get a blood and hormone test and see whether your hormones have anything to do with it.

But fat loss is a whole body experience. To begin to tackle the problematic parts, one should make sure that everything else is just at the right level. Women should possess at least 20%, and men should have 10% overall body fat percentage to begin the targeted weight loss work out. To get to this basic level—and make room for the higher ones—one should expect calorie deficit in the otherwise known as induction phase. Skipping this vital step has big (hah) consequences: you will not lose any fat, but your muscles will grow, making you look bulky.

A toned body requires discipline. To build lean muscles and get rid of the excess fat you wish to deny to have, develop a workout AND a nutrition plan that will keep off the stubborn cellulite from the inside.

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