With the arrival of the winter season, the cold weather and dry winds wrap up everyone. Though the extreme cold weather is bashing for everyone, the singers are the most sufferers.

Some of the common problems with the singers due to this cold weather are a common cough and cold and disturbed throat. Normally while performing the singers have to move from warm indoors to piercing cold outside. This can really affect the voice of the singers to a great extent.

For the carol singers singing outside in the cold wrap winters can greatly hamper their voice. Their vocal cords become desiccated which leads to vocal fatigue and throat infection. All these symptoms can be the same for an ordinary person also.

Hoarse voice affects scouts most oftenBut there are some simple yet effective ways to fight the chilliness of winter. By following these steps, you can make friends with winter and keep your vocal cords happy.

Moisture is the most important medicine for your vocal cord.

As the cold air is always dry so if first and foremost step to fight this cold weather is to remain hydrated. If your vocal cords are not hydrated, then it tends to become less flexible.

A dehydrated body is more prone to cold and flu. So, adequate water helps your body to function properly. Moreover, hydration helps to regain the flexibility of your vocal cord. A better way to understand whether your body is dehydrated is by examining the color of your urine. If it is yellowish, then be sure your body needs more water.

Avoid central heating

Central heating is used by most of the people with the approach of winter. The central heating keeps the room warm, but it also sucks humidity out of the air making it very dry. The dry air makes the skin and the vocal cord dry.

Instead of using central heating you can go for a humidifier or an ultrasonic nebulizer during the long winter nights. It helps to give you more moisture to your vocal cord and body. When you book a singing lesson, make sure you take this point into consideration and ensure you practice in a room at normal temperature.

Make a habit of wearing a scarf whenever you go out

Proper clothing to protect your voiceEver since you were young, you might have heard from your moms and elders to wear a scarf.  It is so, because if you don’t use a scarf, then your throat gets exposed to the cold air outside. Wearing a scarf reduces skin exposure to the direct cold and drafty environments.

Add hot beverages to your diet

Hot drinks are a better option to soothe your throat and vocal cords in chilly cold winter. Hot drinks can make your vocal cord flexible. But, you have to judge wisely while you make a choice. Although coffee is a great choice of hot drink, the caffeine content in the coffee can make your throat dry.

So, make it a habit of drinking a glass of hot water after taking a cup of coffee to avoid dehydration. Some other great hot drinks include

  • Herbal tea devoid of caffeine
  • Fruit tea that is non-citrus
  • Add honey to your cup of tea.

Warm up your vocal cords properly

It is very essential to warm up your body and vocal cord before any singing performance. This formula is applicable for all seasons. However, you might need some extra time to warm up your voice during winter. It is even better to warm up your body first and then your voice. So, try to reach your rehearsal room or the studio a little faster if possible to acclimatize your body and voice with the inside temperature.

Get plenty of sound sleep

Sound sleep is important to rejuvenate your body and mind in all seasons. The warmth keeps your voice safe and sound. So, enjoy a tension-free sleep to get the best result.

Avoid breathing through your mouth

Nasal breathing is highly recommended while you are out in the cold. For proper breathing through your nose, you have to place your tongue in the right order. That means, your tongue must be on the upper jaw as if you are pronouncing ‘n’. If the position of your tongue is correct inside your mouth, it ensures that you are breathing properly breathing through your nose. Here’s how nasal breathing works helps singers. The reasons for the nasal breathing are as follows:

  • It restricts all the pollen particles and the dust at the very beginning to enter directly to your vocal passage.
  • If you breathe through your nose, it changes the cold air into warmer one before entering your vocal cord thereby reducing dry air to enter into the vocal tract.
  • The nasal cavity has a moisturizing effect which can add moisture to the dry air.

Enjoy the loud music but not by shouting

Keep a safe distance from the loudspeakers as you can suffer from tinnitus. While partying out avoid the intake of excessive alcohol as it dehydrates your vocal tract. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and it must be strictly avoided. It affects not only your vocal cord but also your lungs.

Boost up your immune system

Winter is the season for a cough and cold. So, to prevent yourself from this seasonal sickness you have to keep your immune system at the top shape. The intake of Vitamin C enhances your immunity to a great extent.

You also have to avoid being around those people who are affected by a cough and cold. You can also add positivity to your immunity by performing certain breathing exercise.  By performing some breathing exercise, you can get relief from certain breathing problems like asthma.

Rest your voice if you feel tired and discomfort

Vocal rest is advisable if you feel any pain or discomfort in your throat while singing. With a bad voice, you can never give your best performance. Moreover, if you perform with a disturbed voice, your vocal cord may be permanently damaged.

If you suffer from any throat illness, you desperately want to be relieved from this. And in doing so, you often make haste in choosing your medicine. So, always take proper medical guidance before taking any medicine. It may have an adverse effect by making your vocal cord dry enough.

By following the tips as mentioned earlier, you can really enjoy the winter in spite of its numerous disadvantages.

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