wedding reception mood is not complete without musicWhile everything that goes into your wedding is important, some things often get overlooked, but that can make or break the way that people think back on your wedding and how long they stay. One of the most important of these is the music that is played during your reception. This is because it plays during the part of the wedding that people are most likely to be speaking with the bride or groom, visiting with family, or trying to make memories together. This is the part of the wedding where memories are made, and our favorite wedding band in NYC & New Jersey helps encourage these exact memories.

When you are picking out the music for your wedding, most people only think of the music that means something to you, but that may not be enough. While most couples will be happy no matter what on their wedding day, their guests are another story. This applies in particular if there is an age gap, if there are people from different ethnic backgrounds attending, or if your personal taste in music happens to be something like heavy metal or screamo. What you like may not be to the taste of your guests, and guests who don’t like the music are more likely to leave the wedding early, not giving the wedding party time to enjoy their presence.

wedding DJ keeps the mood livelySpeaking with a DJ who has done a number of different weddings is one of the best ways to find out if you have enough variety planned for the wedding. DJs who have already worked at some weddings will know what songs are popular in an area, why people leave, and how long people typically stay. If you have a set playlist for them, they might be able to work other songs into it, or they may be able to give you advice, even if you think that your playlist is perfect.

If you decide to give the DJ free reign with the music, you may actually get better results. DJs will look out at the crowd, see what is getting people dancing, what people are excited to hear, and what people are obviously annoyed with. This allows them to cater the music to the overall mood, and to keep people from being bored or frustrated. A good DJ will be able to keep the guests on the dance floor for most of the night and able to keep everyone enjoying themselves, even after the couple has departed for their honeymoon.

guests should be entertained at the receptionFinding someone that you trust to help you with the music and to help remove your own biases, while still keeping your preferences in mind, will ensure that everyone who comes to the wedding enjoys themselves as much as they possibly can. When people enjoy themselves they remember the weddings fondly, they speak of it to their friends, and the couple who hosted the wedding is likely to feel that it has been a success.

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