Is skydiving included in your list of hobbies? Does the free-fall excite you? If your answer to this is yes, you are sure the lover of extreme heights. Skydiving is among the adventure sports that are getting much popular around the world.

The free fall gives you an opportunity to fly in the sky without wings and glance at the earth similar to the bird as you float in the sky.

Once you become capable of overcoming the fear and thrill it comes with, you are sure to get addicted to the sport and look for more and more destinations to boost your experience levels. Again, just as the number of people joining the sport is increasing, the list of destinations providing with the sports facility is increasing as well.

For experienced divers, looking for new destinations for the latest thrill, atmosphere, and weather condition is an all-new type of fun and experience. They can also look for best places to buy used skydiving gear for their adventures especially when they are looking to explore more regions.

Today let’s check out the various destinations you would like to add up in your checklist for skydiving.

Top Skydiving Destinations in the World

Are you looking to add more destinations to your list of skydiving for exploring various places from the sky? Here are some you shouldn’t miss out.

Breathtaking tandem skydive in Hawaii1.    Hawaii in the USA

Among the total number of destinations available for skydiving in the world, Hawaii is considered to be the most beautiful dropzone. The destination provides you with the facility of diving from various heights that include 8000, 12000, 14000 and lastly 20000 as you move to the North Shore of Hawaii.

If you are the first-time diver, Hawaii is the best point, to begin with, to deal with your fear. The destination includes sights with rainforests, mountains, and islands too for providing you with a magnifying sight you would never forget.

The place also provides you with a training center which is much helpful for the first-time divers. The best time to be there for diving is from May to October.

2. Fox Glacier in New Zealand

Located on the Western regions of New Zealand, Fox Glacier is situated in the Tai Poutini National Park. The free fall provides the divers with the best sceneries one would have ever seen.

Along with the lovely gardens and forests, other sights from the height include adventure sports and the beautiful glacier.

The glacier brings to the divers a free fall ranging from around 9000ft – 16500ft to feel the unmatchable nature and sights.

The free fall brings the excitement of flying in the clouds you would never regret falling from. For diving lovers, the best months to visit the place is from December to February.

3. Mount Everest in Nepal

If you are a fan of skydiving, Mount Everest is a destination you should never miss out. Located at the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, the diving would bring you to a world surrounded with blue sky, enchanting waterfalls, and white clouds that would be hidden beside the high mountain peaks.

The destination provides you with a fall that ranges at a height of around 23000ft. The excitement doesn’t end up here.

The diving would take you to two different places for landing namely Ama Dablam Base Camp and Syangboche Airport which are sure to visit places too.

Again, reaching to the peak for skydiving would take around 11 days of trekking that would add to the excitement of the journey. Want to try this thrilling dive? Visit the place during months May to August.

4. Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls from the skyPopular by the name Livingstone Skydiving, Victoria Falls is counted among the best skydiving points in the world. The skydiving provides with the best fascinating scenario on the ever-flowing river, River Zambezi.

The skydiving provides you with the opportunity to view the border that falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The diving would get you a chance to be around the rainbow as you feel the sprinkling water sprays from the river fall while you land.

The diving provides a fall that ranges from around 6000 to 10000ft. The diving provides an iconic view as you fly above the mountains and the River Zambezi.

So, are you having the courage to jump from here? Visit the destination in the months from November to March for an enhanced experience.

5. The Alps in Switzerland

If you are not visiting Mount Everest, a destination that would provide you with similar thrill is the Swiss Alps located in Switzerland.

Snowy mountains, iconic greenery, and amazing glaciers. This is what you would see as you enjoy your free fall from around 15000ft.

The green ground and two lovely lakes namely Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are undoubtedly going to provide you with a heavenly feel. The famous peaks like Monch, Eiger, Jungfrau is the bonus sights as you fall from the helicopter.

Again, if you are visiting the place on clear days, Matterhorn is something you wouldn’t want to miss too. Want to feel the butterflies in your stomach as you jump from the Alps? Visit the destination from June to September.

6. Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Excited to see the city of Dubai from the top? This destination is the best to visit if you are a big fan of the marvels made by the human.

The Palm Dropzone is so famous for the sights it provides you with that you need to make a booking for the same before around a month or two in advance.

The free fall brings you the best and heart throbbing scenarios of Burj Al Arab, Palm area, and other iconic buildings from the top. The skydiving is carried out from gyrocopter provided by the Dubai diving providers.

Want to experience the wallop of jumping from the height of 13000ft? Visit Dubai for Skydiving during the months October to March.

Skydiving is an adventure that would bring out your heart as you try to overcome your fears by diving freely as a bird. The diving pleasure you would experience at all these destinations are surely going to help you make unforgettable memories of your life. So, which destination are you planning to visit first?

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