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  • Tips On How To Make The Most of A New York City Vacation

    Times Square in downtown New YorkTraveling to New York is one of those experiences you are never going to forget.

    The city has so much to offer, and you are going to be lost in its beauty as soon as you arrive. Those who are looking to get a lot of value out of their trip and want to set up an itinerary need to take a look at this article.

    Here is a peek into what you are going to want to think about as you are hoping to prep for the big trip over to NYC.

    Prepare For The Weather

    New York City has frigid winters with loads of snow and sizzling summers. You want to prepare for this as you are the only one who will know when the trip is coming up. Think about the season in New York and then pack.

    This is going to ensure you are not left freezing in the winter or burning in the summer without a second option. Always look into this when you are traveling and even more so when it comes to New York City.

    It will make life easier as you experience what the city has to offer.

    Enjoy The Popular Attractions

    run or rent a bike around Central ParkYou have to prepare for the major tourist attractions in NYC as soon as you know the trip is on.

    What are some of the best places to visit as you are figuring things out? There are many places you can visit in NYC, but the main ones are going to be Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t forget to try out biking around in Central Park, NYC!

    Put these places on the list and make sure to visit them as soon as you can. It is going to be an experience you adore for a long time.

    Learn to Walk

    Now, this is where people mess up when it comes to New York City.

    take pictures while walking in NYCOf course, you don’t want to walk all the time but don’t be afraid to get on your feet and take a look around. This is a multi-cultural city, and there is so much going on. If you stick in the car, you are going to miss out a lot.

    You want to take the time to appreciate the intricacies of NYC with the help of walking around. It is going to mesmerize you, and that is the reason people enjoy coming to this bustling city when they travel.

    There isn’t a better city in the nation when it comes to tourism, and you are going to love it. New York City has something for everyone, and you are going to fit right in. This is one of those cities that is a must-see place and one that has to be prepared for.

    If you prepare, you are going to have the time of your life and will be able to make the most of your vacation. The items listed here are a great starting point for your journey to New York City.

  • Music – The Most Important Part Of Your Wedding

    wedding reception mood is not complete without musicWhile everything that goes into your wedding is important, some things often get overlooked, but that can make or break the way that people think back on your wedding and how long they stay. One of the most important of these is the music that is played during your reception. This is because it plays during the part of the wedding that people are most likely to be speaking with the bride or groom, visiting with family, or trying to make memories together. This is the part of the wedding where memories are made, and our favorite wedding band in NYC & New Jersey helps encourage these exact memories.

    When you are picking out the music for your wedding, most people only think of the music that means something to you, but that may not be enough. While most couples will be happy no matter what on their wedding day, their guests are another story. This applies in particular if there is an age gap, if there are people from different ethnic backgrounds attending, or if your personal taste in music happens to be something like heavy metal or screamo. What you like may not be to the taste of your guests, and guests who don’t like the music are more likely to leave the wedding early, not giving the wedding party time to enjoy their presence.

    wedding DJ keeps the mood livelySpeaking with a DJ who has done a number of different weddings is one of the best ways to find out if you have enough variety planned for the wedding. DJs who have already worked at some weddings will know what songs are popular in an area, why people leave, and how long people typically stay. If you have a set playlist for them, they might be able to work other songs into it, or they may be able to give you advice, even if you think that your playlist is perfect.

    If you decide to give the DJ free reign with the music, you may actually get better results. DJs will look out at the crowd, see what is getting people dancing, what people are excited to hear, and what people are obviously annoyed with. This allows them to cater the music to the overall mood, and to keep people from being bored or frustrated. A good DJ will be able to keep the guests on the dance floor for most of the night and able to keep everyone enjoying themselves, even after the couple has departed for their honeymoon.

    guests should be entertained at the receptionFinding someone that you trust to help you with the music and to help remove your own biases, while still keeping your preferences in mind, will ensure that everyone who comes to the wedding enjoys themselves as much as they possibly can. When people enjoy themselves they remember the weddings fondly, they speak of it to their friends, and the couple who hosted the wedding is likely to feel that it has been a success.

  • Targeted Fat Loss: Does it Work?

    A healthy body is more than workouts. It is a combination of exercise, diet, and a never-give-up mindset. The advertisements we see on TV with people with well-sculpted cores want us to believe that the (toned bodies) are a result of eating their tuna or taking their dietary supplement, but we all know it takes more than putting a few spoonfuls to transform into that.

    As if weight loss and maintaining your goal weight is not hard enough, sometimes there are stubborn fats that will not leave no matter how many pounds you think you have lost. These flabs are usually found around your waist, in your hips, at your back, and despite the feeling that you are indeed healthy, (the stubborn cellulite keeps holding you back).

    targeted fat loss needs weight trainingTargeted weight loss is a lifestyle plan that involves body part-specific training by personal trainers in your local area and a healthy diet. And can you believe the takeaway here is the diet?

    Yes, the secret to getting rid of stubborn fat lies in the diet. Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin developed the Biosignature Modulation Method, a system that makes use of fat measurements to determine which hormone is out of whack so you can rebalance it through vitamins, improved diet, supplements, and of course, strength train.

    In the left column are the hormones and on the right are the places they usually manifest themselves in ugly ways.

    Hormone Abnormal Skin Fold Measurement
    Thyroid Upper abs below end of ribs
    Estrogen Hamstrings, quads
    Testosterone Chest, triceps
    Growth Hormone Knee, Calf
    Cortisol Stomach
    Insulin Love handle, upper back

    This concept may have a handful of doubting Thomases, but science has spoken: In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists discovered that there was indeed a loss of fat in the upper arm when they raised testosterone levels above normal. A similar study in Yale University also stated that the stress hormone cortisol indeed increases abdominal fat.

    muscle definition does not come over nightIf you are planning to try targeted weight loss, the first thing you should do is to get the fat on your problem areas with a caliper through the help of a qualified Biosignature practitioner. After that, get a blood and hormone test and see whether your hormones have anything to do with it.

    But fat loss is a whole body experience. To begin to tackle the problematic parts, one should make sure that everything else is just at the right level. Women should possess at least 20%, and men should have 10% overall body fat percentage to begin the targeted weight loss work out. To get to this basic level—and make room for the higher ones—one should expect calorie deficit in the otherwise known as induction phase. Skipping this vital step has big (hah) consequences: you will not lose any fat, but your muscles will grow, making you look bulky.

    A toned body requires discipline. To build lean muscles and get rid of the excess fat you wish to deny to have, develop a workout AND a nutrition plan that will keep off the stubborn cellulite from the inside.

  • Cub Scout Experience

    This is the second essay we have received in response to our recent article concerning BSA’s membership standards for young people. This one, from a very well spoken young man, is heart breaking.

    scout experienceI have been a member of the Scouting community since I was a Cub Scout. I have since progressed and grown with the program. It has been a part of my life since I can remember. When I joined, I had no idea where the program would take me. I would have never experienced the many joys and struggles that have pushed me farther, and made me a more rounded person. I love the organization, and have basically given my life to the program in turn for the experiences and personal growth. And I’m glad I did.

    I’m gay. I have been my entire life, but very few know it. I had been in denial about it all of my teen years, and finally, after thoughts of suicide, anxiety, depression, and stress, I couldn’t hold it in me any longer, or I might have acted on my thoughts. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of leaving my family behind and giving up on them.

    I hid who I was for so long, it hurt a person I love dearly. I had a girlfriend, another person I met in Scouting. Because I had denied my feelings, I let the relationship grow into something I couldn’t do. As hard as I tried, I could not give her the love she expected. We broke up and are still friends, but she still doesn’t know, as I risk being removed from a program I love so dearly.

    As I have finally accepted who I am, I have questioned this love for an organization that doesn’t welcome those like me. I never chose my orientation, just as one doesn’t have a choice over what color eyes they have, how tall they are, what skin color, or how they look. If I could have chosen to be six foot two, dark hair, blue eyes, dimples, and be attracted to women, I would have not been in the position Im in. But instead, I am who I am, and I cant be living as someone I’m not. After all, a Scout is trustworthy.

    I haven’t made my decision of how long I’m going to stay in the closet in Scouting. One part of me wants to leave immediately as Im not welcomed in the program if I continue to hide. Another part of me just wants to stay and not disrupt what I have going for sake of having one constant thing in my life. Ideally, Id love to just be accepted for who I am and the merits I have done in the program, not for who I love. But each and every day, I find it harder to carry out my duties with these thoughts in the back of my mind.

    I am an Eagle Scout, and I’m not going to hide it or deny it. But to know that if I had the courage or wisdom to not deny who I was, I would have never received that honor, and many teens are being denied this because of something they were born as. It hurts to think I could have been one of them.

    Every day, I deal with hate for those like me. Even though nobody knows my secret, I am filled with sadness when another person has a slur, or outright hate. When I hear how bad others like me are because they “abuse children” or are “sex crazed men,” it hurts. Of course there is no denying those people don’t exist, but those traits can be found in heterosexual men and women. I would never think of doing those things. I’m attracted to men my age and someone I can have a lasting relationship with. And so are most gay people. My dream is to spend my life with someone I love, who will raise children with me, and will always be there. Is that not what most people desire?

    I know in my heart, I cant change peoples opinions about topics. Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to them. I only want to give insight of a gay teen in Scouting, and the sadness I have to overcome each and every day. I already don’t feel accepted in society if I reveal my secret, and it really hurts me to know I wouldn’t be accepted in Scouting either.