• Best Skydiving Destinations in the World

    Is skydiving included in your list of hobbies? Does the free-fall excite you? If your answer to this is yes, you are sure the lover of extreme heights. Skydiving is among the adventure sports that are getting much popular around the world.

    The free fall gives you an opportunity to fly in the sky without wings and glance at the earth similar to the bird as you float in the sky.

    Once you become capable of overcoming the fear and thrill it comes with, you are sure to get addicted to the sport and look for more and more destinations to boost your experience levels. Again, just as the number of people joining the sport is increasing, the list of destinations providing with the sports facility is increasing as well.

    For experienced divers, looking for new destinations for the latest thrill, atmosphere, and weather condition is an all-new type of fun and experience. They can also look for best places to buy used skydiving gear for their adventures especially when they are looking to explore more regions.

    Today let’s check out the various destinations you would like to add up in your checklist for skydiving.

    Top Skydiving Destinations in the World

    Are you looking to add more destinations to your list of skydiving for exploring various places from the sky? Here are some you shouldn’t miss out.

    Breathtaking tandem skydive in Hawaii1.    Hawaii in the USA

    Among the total number of destinations available for skydiving in the world, Hawaii is considered to be the most beautiful dropzone. The destination provides you with the facility of diving from various heights that include 8000, 12000, 14000 and lastly 20000 as you move to the North Shore of Hawaii.

    If you are the first-time diver, Hawaii is the best point, to begin with, to deal with your fear. The destination includes sights with rainforests, mountains, and islands too for providing you with a magnifying sight you would never forget.

    The place also provides you with a training center which is much helpful for the first-time divers. The best time to be there for diving is from May to October.

    2. Fox Glacier in New Zealand

    Located on the Western regions of New Zealand, Fox Glacier is situated in the Tai Poutini National Park. The free fall provides the divers with the best sceneries one would have ever seen.

    Along with the lovely gardens and forests, other sights from the height include adventure sports and the beautiful glacier.

    The glacier brings to the divers a free fall ranging from around 9000ft – 16500ft to feel the unmatchable nature and sights.

    The free fall brings the excitement of flying in the clouds you would never regret falling from. For diving lovers, the best months to visit the place is from December to February.

    3. Mount Everest in Nepal

    If you are a fan of skydiving, Mount Everest is a destination you should never miss out. Located at the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, the diving would bring you to a world surrounded with blue sky, enchanting waterfalls, and white clouds that would be hidden beside the high mountain peaks.

    The destination provides you with a fall that ranges at a height of around 23000ft. The excitement doesn’t end up here.

    The diving would take you to two different places for landing namely Ama Dablam Base Camp and Syangboche Airport which are sure to visit places too.

    Again, reaching to the peak for skydiving would take around 11 days of trekking that would add to the excitement of the journey. Want to try this thrilling dive? Visit the place during months May to August.

    4. Victoria Falls in Zambia

    Victoria Falls from the skyPopular by the name Livingstone Skydiving, Victoria Falls is counted among the best skydiving points in the world. The skydiving provides with the best fascinating scenario on the ever-flowing river, River Zambezi.

    The skydiving provides you with the opportunity to view the border that falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The diving would get you a chance to be around the rainbow as you feel the sprinkling water sprays from the river fall while you land.

    The diving provides a fall that ranges from around 6000 to 10000ft. The diving provides an iconic view as you fly above the mountains and the River Zambezi.

    So, are you having the courage to jump from here? Visit the destination in the months from November to March for an enhanced experience.

    5. The Alps in Switzerland

    If you are not visiting Mount Everest, a destination that would provide you with similar thrill is the Swiss Alps located in Switzerland.

    Snowy mountains, iconic greenery, and amazing glaciers. This is what you would see as you enjoy your free fall from around 15000ft.

    The green ground and two lovely lakes namely Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are undoubtedly going to provide you with a heavenly feel. The famous peaks like Monch, Eiger, Jungfrau is the bonus sights as you fall from the helicopter.

    Again, if you are visiting the place on clear days, Matterhorn is something you wouldn’t want to miss too. Want to feel the butterflies in your stomach as you jump from the Alps? Visit the destination from June to September.

    6. Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

    Excited to see the city of Dubai from the top? This destination is the best to visit if you are a big fan of the marvels made by the human.

    The Palm Dropzone is so famous for the sights it provides you with that you need to make a booking for the same before around a month or two in advance.

    The free fall brings you the best and heart throbbing scenarios of Burj Al Arab, Palm area, and other iconic buildings from the top. The skydiving is carried out from gyrocopter provided by the Dubai diving providers.

    Want to experience the wallop of jumping from the height of 13000ft? Visit Dubai for Skydiving during the months October to March.

    Skydiving is an adventure that would bring out your heart as you try to overcome your fears by diving freely as a bird. The diving pleasure you would experience at all these destinations are surely going to help you make unforgettable memories of your life. So, which destination are you planning to visit first?

  • Protect Your Voice Against Cold Weather

    With the arrival of the winter season, the cold weather and dry winds wrap up everyone. Though the extreme cold weather is bashing for everyone, the singers are the most sufferers.

    Some of the common problems with the singers due to this cold weather are a common cough and cold and disturbed throat. Normally while performing the singers have to move from warm indoors to piercing cold outside. This can really affect the voice of the singers to a great extent.

    For the carol singers singing outside in the cold wrap winters can greatly hamper their voice. Their vocal cords become desiccated which leads to vocal fatigue and throat infection. All these symptoms can be the same for an ordinary person also.

    Hoarse voice affects scouts most oftenBut there are some simple yet effective ways to fight the chilliness of winter. By following these steps, you can make friends with winter and keep your vocal cords happy.

    Moisture is the most important medicine for your vocal cord.

    As the cold air is always dry so if first and foremost step to fight this cold weather is to remain hydrated. If your vocal cords are not hydrated, then it tends to become less flexible.

    A dehydrated body is more prone to cold and flu. So, adequate water helps your body to function properly. Moreover, hydration helps to regain the flexibility of your vocal cord. A better way to understand whether your body is dehydrated is by examining the color of your urine. If it is yellowish, then be sure your body needs more water.

    Avoid central heating

    Central heating is used by most of the people with the approach of winter. The central heating keeps the room warm, but it also sucks humidity out of the air making it very dry. The dry air makes the skin and the vocal cord dry.

    Instead of using central heating you can go for a humidifier or an ultrasonic nebulizer during the long winter nights. It helps to give you more moisture to your vocal cord and body. When you book a singing lesson, make sure you take this point into consideration and ensure you practice in a room at normal temperature.

    Make a habit of wearing a scarf whenever you go out

    Proper clothing to protect your voiceEver since you were young, you might have heard from your moms and elders to wear a scarf.  It is so, because if you don’t use a scarf, then your throat gets exposed to the cold air outside. Wearing a scarf reduces skin exposure to the direct cold and drafty environments.

    Add hot beverages to your diet

    Hot drinks are a better option to soothe your throat and vocal cords in chilly cold winter. Hot drinks can make your vocal cord flexible. But, you have to judge wisely while you make a choice. Although coffee is a great choice of hot drink, the caffeine content in the coffee can make your throat dry.

    So, make it a habit of drinking a glass of hot water after taking a cup of coffee to avoid dehydration. Some other great hot drinks include

    • Herbal tea devoid of caffeine
    • Fruit tea that is non-citrus
    • Add honey to your cup of tea.

    Warm up your vocal cords properly

    It is very essential to warm up your body and vocal cord before any singing performance. This formula is applicable for all seasons. However, you might need some extra time to warm up your voice during winter. It is even better to warm up your body first and then your voice. So, try to reach your rehearsal room or the studio a little faster if possible to acclimatize your body and voice with the inside temperature.

    Get plenty of sound sleep

    Sound sleep is important to rejuvenate your body and mind in all seasons. The warmth keeps your voice safe and sound. So, enjoy a tension-free sleep to get the best result.

    Avoid breathing through your mouth

    Nasal breathing is highly recommended while you are out in the cold. For proper breathing through your nose, you have to place your tongue in the right order. That means, your tongue must be on the upper jaw as if you are pronouncing ‘n’. If the position of your tongue is correct inside your mouth, it ensures that you are breathing properly breathing through your nose. Here’s how nasal breathing works helps singers. The reasons for the nasal breathing are as follows:

    • It restricts all the pollen particles and the dust at the very beginning to enter directly to your vocal passage.
    • If you breathe through your nose, it changes the cold air into warmer one before entering your vocal cord thereby reducing dry air to enter into the vocal tract.
    • The nasal cavity has a moisturizing effect which can add moisture to the dry air.

    Enjoy the loud music but not by shouting

    Keep a safe distance from the loudspeakers as you can suffer from tinnitus. While partying out avoid the intake of excessive alcohol as it dehydrates your vocal tract. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and it must be strictly avoided. It affects not only your vocal cord but also your lungs.

    Boost up your immune system

    Winter is the season for a cough and cold. So, to prevent yourself from this seasonal sickness you have to keep your immune system at the top shape. The intake of Vitamin C enhances your immunity to a great extent.

    You also have to avoid being around those people who are affected by a cough and cold. You can also add positivity to your immunity by performing certain breathing exercise.  By performing some breathing exercise, you can get relief from certain breathing problems like asthma.

    Rest your voice if you feel tired and discomfort

    Vocal rest is advisable if you feel any pain or discomfort in your throat while singing. With a bad voice, you can never give your best performance. Moreover, if you perform with a disturbed voice, your vocal cord may be permanently damaged.

    If you suffer from any throat illness, you desperately want to be relieved from this. And in doing so, you often make haste in choosing your medicine. So, always take proper medical guidance before taking any medicine. It may have an adverse effect by making your vocal cord dry enough.

    By following the tips as mentioned earlier, you can really enjoy the winter in spite of its numerous disadvantages.

  • 6 Benefits of Having a Personal Chef

    Taking care of your work duties and also preparing every meal for your family may prove to be a hectic task. Hiring a personal cook to help you out will be of great value to both you and your family. Having a private chef does not necessarily have to be expensive, you could even spend way less than you would spend when eating out or ordering in as a family.

    Advantages of a personal chef

    1. Experience

    Being a chef means they have studied and specialized in everything to do with the kitchen. So having a chef in your kitchen assures you of quality and well-prepared meals that both you and your family can enjoy. With all the experience a chef has, you get to taste different kinds of meals that you would want to be prepared but can’t do so yourself.

    Boy scouts eating in a restaurant2. Time Saver

    How many times do you find yourself dreading that trip to the farmer’s market for groceries or even preparing the food after work? It is often too much work that can easily be delegated and free up a lot of your time. The time that you would have spent going to the market and cooking can be used to do other things.

    A chef takes up the responsibility of buying all the groceries he/she will need for your meals. The meals are well prepared and stored so that you can easily grab your meal and reheat it. You never have to worry about doing the dishes after they have cooked because they make it a point to leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

    This will definitely save you 1 hour per day which translates to much more time in a week.

    3. Meals can be customized

    We all don’t share the same tastes and dietary choices so we always have to keep in mind all those who need their meals prepared differently by including or excluding certain ingredients.

    Having a private chef will help you keep up with all the dietary needs of different people in your family. The chef would prepare meals according to any dietary restrictions and preferences and be sure to label the meals with the ingredients used. Since you are dealing with a professional, you are assured that all your family’s needs will be met to the letter as instructed.

    4. Easier to stick to a set diet plan

    Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, food is a big part of that journey. You are required to eat well and in the right quantities to ensure you get your desired results. Following such a set routine may be very hard and you may slack off and fall behind on your goals. Having a private chef to prepare all your meals for the week and have him/her pack them in your desired portions will be very helpful. You will no longer have to deal with the questions of what to cook and the lack of drive to cook. You will be able to stick to your diet for the long haul and achieve your desired results.

    5. Custom make your own menu

    If you plan to have some guests for a get-together or a party it is a good idea to consult them and know what they would prefer to eat. This will help you keep everyone’s dietary choices into consideration. Since people are different, it will be a hard task for you to come up with the meals all by yourself.

    Well, a private cook will help you prepare all the meals and figure out how to pair the meals to suit all your guests. Having a chef will save you a lot of planning and the stress that comes with cooking for a crowd. You are also assured of quality meals for your guests and family.

    6. Convenience

    There are those times when you have come from a long trip, vacation and just can’t be bothered to cook anything. You may also have a friend who just gave birth and would wish to spend her first few weeks of motherhood nursing her child and not bothering to cook for anyone.

    A chef prepares healthy and hearty mealsIn such situations, having a private chef is the best thing to do. This will ensure that you keep up with your meals and eat healthy always no matter what you are facing. Life presents us with a lot of hurdles and problems but you always have to be smart and think about your health.

    Have you meals for the week prepared by a personal chef and it will definitely be cheaper and healthier than going to eat out each day.

    If you want to hire a chef because you do not know how to cook, this is a perfect opportunity to learn from the best. Keep your chef company and observe all that is being done, ask a question where you need to and practice on your own. Practice always makes perfect.

    Having a private chef presents you with a lot of benefits. You do not have to require their services each day, week but every once in a while you should treat yourself to some of the benefits. Take your time to find the best chef and carefully read through the services they provide to be sure it is what you are looking for.

    Whenever you feel overwhelmed do not turn to unhealthy eating, just hire a chef and have them prepare your meals for the whole week. This will prove to be much cheaper and more effective. The guilt that comes after any unhealthy habits will not haunt you since you chose the better path.

    After your food has been prepared, make sure to go back and eat don’t just forget about the food. Remember to always minimize any wastage of food and the money you have invested to enjoy the amazing meal. Be sure to read the labels on the food and serve according to everyone’s dietary needs and choices.


  • Safe Outdoor Fun on the Trails

    Few experiences are as invigorating as spending time in the great outdoors. However, there’s more to hiking than merely finding a trail and starting to walk.

    Prior to hitting the trails, make sure to check out the terrain and distance. Do not attempt hikes that are more than maybe safely accomplished in daylight. Hiking in the dark is dangerous, especially areas with unfamiliar topography.

    While most hikers will carry a cell phone with them, they should note that getting a signal may be virtually impossible in some remote or mountainous areas. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

    The million dollar views are why hikes are worth the effortLeave an Itinerary

    Always leave an itinerary with someone prior to hiking. It should include their location, an estimated time of completing the trip, and who to contact if necessary.

    There are registers for hikers at many popular destinations. For some hikes, such as the Appalachian Trail, it’s necessary to register with the land managing services.

    Hiking During Hunting Season

    Some trails are in national forests where hunting is allowed in season. During hunting season it’s a good idea to wear a bright outer garment, like a jacket, vest, or cap. Be advised not to flash a white handkerchief during deer season or a red or blue one during turkey season.

    Hunting is not permitted in state parks. Therefore, hikers have the choice of many excellent trails to use all through hunting season.

    Packing a First-Aid Kit

    No hike should be without the basic essentials of a first-aid kit and simple survival kit. The first-aid kit will depend on the hiker’s personal needs and concerns for a particular hike. However, the kit should contain at least Band-aids, gauze, a roll of adhesive tape, aspirin, and a tube of antibacterial ointment, scissors, or a Swiss Army Knife. This can be placed in a small Ziploc bag.

    Longer backpacking hikes for more than one night should contain these items as well as such things as Benadryl for allergic response and a small packet of meat tenderizer for insect stings. A compact snake-bite kit that includes a suction device can also be added.

    Planning Survival Kits

    Survival kits should be simple and compact. Items one might pack may include a whistle, waterproof matches, a compass, a light nylon rope, and a small flashlight. High energy food bars should also be included in a survival kit.

    These items are essentials and should be with the hiker at all times. Hikers should be sure to take survival kits with them on side trips when they are away from their backpack or campsite.

  • Three Walks in New York’s Finger Lakes Hills

    Like the persons for whom they were named, Fellows Hill, Jones Hill, and Morgan Hill are next-door neighbors. Spread over these three hills, all about 2,000 feet in elevation, are 5,508 acres of state land, making a varied hiking terrain. Officially, this area is called Morgan Hill State Forest, although locally it is known variously as Fabius Forest, Morgan Hill, or Shackham Woods.

    Nice gorges along the Finger Lakes TrailThrough this state land and over some adjoining private land runs the Onondaga Trail. Designed, marked, and maintained by members of the Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club, it is one of the spur trails to the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT). The trail is well groomed and marked with orange blazes painted on trees.

    The several dirt roads (officially called truck trails) make ideal mountain-biking routes. They are hard packed and well maintained by the state, making cycling a pleasant experience as you climb moderate hills and speed along the level stretches of Shackham Road and Morgan Hill Road.

    The entire Morgan Hill State Forest area is covered with trees, with about 70 percent in pine and spruce plantations and the other 30 percent natural hardwoods. In the middle of the forest, there is even a section of virgin timber several hundred years old. You will find some fine overlooks here, as well as magnificent Tinker Falls, a pond stocked with brook trout, a lean-to, a rushing wilderness brook, and a series of hills, gullies, and ravines to add variety to your hike.

    The area in and around Morgan Hill State Forest also displays a variety of landmarks produced by the several ice sheets that once covered New York—a kettle lake, a through a valley, a hanging falls, and outwash hummocks. In short, the Morgan Hill area is a hiker’s delight.


    You begin your hike on the Onondaga Trail at Spruce Pond, a small impoundment just 0.2 mile southwest of Fellows Hill.

    Spruce Pond, in turn, can be reached from I-81 by exiting at Tully (about halfway between Syracuse and Cortland) and then heading east on NY 80. Just beyond the hamlet of Apulia, look for Herlihy Road, a hard-packed, two-lane dirt road. Turn right onto it; in 1.2 miles you reach Morgan Hill State Forest, marked by the end of farm fields and the beginning of woods.

    From this point, another 0.7 mile brings you to a fork. Take the one-lane dirt road to your right and drive 0.1 miles past a stand of evergreens to a parking area by the dam at the south end of Spruce Pond. Leave your car here.

    You will notice that this area is used for picnicking and camping. If your interests include fishing, you can try the pond for the beautiful red-spotted brook trout stocked by the state.


    On a tree near the parking area, you can read the word “Hike” and an arrow pointing across the dam. On the other side, a second sign indicates the beginning of the trail. Follow the trail halfway around the pond and then to your left up a relatively short but steep hill.

    Where the orange-marked trail reaches the crest, it flattens out and heads west. In about 5 minutes, you start a gradual descent that brings you to a large stand of smooth-barked beeches. Beyond this point, the trees become smaller and gradually thin out as you enter what was once a field, now taken over by saplings and evergreens. From here you are hiking on private land for the next mile.

    Tinker Falls near Jones HillYou soon leave the field and enter a stand of trees that shades an unused wagon trail and a small brook that flows southward to Tinker Falls. After crossing the brook, you pass through another abandoned field before reentering the woods. The trail wanders a bit here and then brings you to the summit of Jones Hill (elevation 1,964 feet).

    Your path now descends sharply for about 100 feet. To your immediate right, an opening through the trees offers you the first vista—a grand view of Labrador Hollow. The hollow is an excellent example of what geologists call a “through the valley”—a valley gouged out by advancing glaciers which overran New York State several times during the Pleistocene epoch, with the last period of glaciation climaxing about 12,000 years ago. Also notice the distinctive U-shape of the valley, another sign of the work done by the advancing glaciers.

    The drop-off at the overlook is an abrupt and breathtaking 700 feet. Below you lies the half-mile-long Labrador Pond, a “kettle” lake left behind by the retreating glacier. It is tucked in a narrow valley between Jones and Labrador Hills. A little to your right, Labrador Hollow fans out to the north around and beyond the hamlet of Apulia Station. Still farther north, you see a series of smaller hills covered with crop fields and pastureland.

    Jones Hill

    The trail continues for a mile along the crest of Jones Hill to an open area with a fine overlook, once used by hang-gliders for their flight down to the fields on the north side of Labrador Pond. It is a nice spot to stop for lunch while enjoying the sights of Labrador Hollow. In the next = mile you follow an abandoned lane before turning left on the hiking trail as it heads downhill, eventually leading to a brook. In early spring this brook is high, but by midsummer, it may be nothing more than a trickle.

    Turn right and follow the path to Tinker Falls, where the water plunges some 20 feet off a limestone ledge. This is a “hanging falls,” created when the glaciers produced and then deepened the through the valley that is now Labrador Hollow. Tinker Falls is a pleasant sight at all times, but most impressive in spring when the brook is running heavy with meltwater.

    From Tinker Falls continue south along the ridge for another = mile. You now begin a descent, with the trail switching back and forth until it emerges on Shackham Road, a well-maintained, two-lane dirt road 470 feet below the ridge crest. The trail crosses this road and drops sharply for 80 feet to Shackham Brook, a picture-book scene in spring and early summer when its water flows over rocks and boulders, forming riffles and small pools en route through the ravine past large stands of pines and hardwoods.

    Cross the brook, and follow the trail along the edge of the ravine on your right. You climb fairly steeply for a little better than = mile, at which point you come to a lean-to and a stone fireplace. This is an ideal place to stop for a breather. If you are planning a camping trip, the lean-to can be your overnight shelter.

    Morgan Hill markerMorgan Hill Road

    Continue uphill for another less than a mile to Morgan Hill Road, a one-lane hard-packed dirt road. Follow the trail markers across the road. A 10-minute walk brings you to an open area, once the site of a fire tower which was removed in the mid-1980s. There also is a dirt road leading from Morgan Hill Road to the old fire tower site; it parallels the hiking trail a short distance to the north.

    You are now at the summit of Morgan Hill (elevation 2000 feet). This is a good place to camp if you are a weekend hiker or a through-hiker looking for an alternative site to the lean-to you passed earlier. On the southeast edge of the clearing, the orange trail continues south along an abandoned road that now serves as a foot trail. If you follow this route, it brings you downhill to a cluster of farm buildings, then via a blacktop road to the hamlet of Cuyler, and later to Cuyler State Forest.

    Retrace your steps across Morgan Hill Road and downhill past the lean-to to Shackham Road. Turn right and continue north for 2 miles to the first intersection.

    Here Herlihy Road crosses Shackham Road. Through the trees on your right, you see a small pond, a human-made impoundment that is large enough to bring canoeists here for an afternoon of paddling. Turn left onto Herlihy Road and head uphill. After a gentle climb, the road flattens out, and it is an easy 1-mile hike back to Spruce Pond and your car.

  • Responsible & Sustainable Ways to Become an Eco-Volunteer

    To become a part of the growing industry of sustainable tourism is for many an inspiring experience where you commune with nature while contributing to the conservation of a local ecosystem. You are also bestowing respect to the integrity of the host community.

    Deforestation in Ecuador

    Deforestation is causing the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest to come close to extinction. However, while making it to within 30 meters of the banks of the world’s largest river may not be a stroll in the park, it could help preserve a remote and beautiful part of the tropics.

    Based in the Pavacachi reserve in Ecuador, an expedition run by travel company responsible travel in collaboration with the Yachana Foundation gives volunteers the opportunity to work alongside local communities collecting water from the river and wood from the forest while studying rare and endangered species. Logging is an attractive option for those trying to make ends meet. This project is helping this Kichwa tribe community to provide for their families.

    Trekking Mount KilimanjaroAfrica and Mount Kilimanjaro

    Further east along the equator is the world’s most massive free-standing mountain. The steady expansion of communities into limited forested areas around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya has caused a bad wheel to start turning.

    Ironically those moving into deforested areas are decreasing their quality of life as the woodland previously provided water supply to over seven million people. As with Ecuador, many are attracted by small-scale cash crop production. However, this is effectively the root of the problem. It is the forest that generates and receives most of the rainfall to provide for those further downstream each year.

    Planting three million trees in the area is part of a project run by Carbon Covenant, and at the cost of $155,400, they hope to be able to preserve agriculture, promote organic farming and ultimately reduce carbon emissions for a generation. Reforestation can both minimize a negative impact on the environment and create part of a life-saving forest but the hardest part is convincing local communities that in the long-term it may aid their survival.

    The Great Pandas of China

    Still north of the equator, programmes have been put in place in China to protect some of the most beloved animals in the world. One of these in grave danger of extinction is the Giant Panda. There around 1,000 of these living fossils left in the world and the center at the foot of the Qinling Mountains looks after over 270 of them. The involvement of adventure travel company 1-to-1 enables staff to improve their English, which in turn attracts more tourists. This will provide more money for research and a better quality of life for the pandas.

    The Great Barrier Reef

    Further south along the Tropic of Capricorn there is a breakdown in an important relationship that could end in the demise of a glorious natural wonder. When sea temperatures stay unusually hot for too long the organisms of the Great Barrier Reef die and are therefore unable to provide food. Marine biologists predict that if the coral bleaching continues the undersea gardens of the reefs all around the world will be destroyed.

    Scientists are now looking for help from some of the people who would be most affected by the loss of these beautiful marine structures: tourists. Coral Health Reef Walks have been introduced so that visitors can make a contribution to saving the environment by simply making color matches and recording codes.

    Is Eco-tourism the Answer?

    Many argue that there is a split between projects run by environmental organizations that are sustainably managed and the increasing number operated by the tourism industry that focuses more on product and profit. Eco-tourism may disturb flora and fauna and have an adverse effect on local culture due to the increasing number of visitors. However, projects that are managed by the local communities do bring tremendous benefits from economic opportunities to water conservation. In this way tourism can help to save parts of the living world from extinction, thus becoming sustainable eco-tourism.

  • Scouting Devotes Programming to Instilling Strong Ideals

    According to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Office, scout membership is down, especially for older teens. The program has never deviated from its mission of instilling positive values and protecting its membership.

    Controversial decisions such as excluding gay and lesbian participants have led to a drop in support in participation. Those still attending are still showing higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence as well as a sense of responsibility to the community according to information from the National Office of the Boy Scouts of American headquartered near Dallas, Texas.

    The Values of the Boy Scouts of America

    It is the goal of the BSA to orient its members to reflect the values of the Scout Oath which reads:

    On my honor I will do my best

    To do my duty to God and my country

    and to obey the Scout Law;

    To help other people at all times;

    To keep myself physically strong,

    mentally awake, and morally straight.

    While the Scout Law reads:

    A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

    The BSA reaches youth by organizing local Troops – groups of Boy Scouts organized by geographical region. In 2001, 41,947 BSA Troops were active internationally. These make the BSA one of the most prolific youth organizations in history.

    Membership in the BSA does not require any specific faith or civic orientation. Any male youth aged 11 1/2 to 18 years of age is welcome to enter into the BSA. Once within the group, participating scouts rise in rank from Scout to Eagle.

    The organization is based on encouraging the development of skills, knowledge, career opportunities and self-esteem. The BSA also encourages spiritual development of Scouts through strong relationships with all major denominations and faith.

    Parents Assured of Safety

    The BSA has among the strictest requirements for any volunteer working within the organization. Often, background checks and references are required. The organization also has advanced training and operational manuals which govern how leaders and scouts interact.

    Besides, when on camping or other off-site events, scouts must participate in the buddy system which matches two scouts to be in constant contact with each other. The BSA also teaches first aid and other basic skills as some of the first experiences scouts learn.

    While there have been cases of sex abuse and molestation charges against adult members of the BSA, the organization continually updates its practices to screen out problematic adults, and they are having a positive effect.

    One difficult note for anyone of conscience wanting to endorse the BSA is their policy against gay and lesbian persons. However, many find the benefits of the organization to be so strong that they participate in scouting while attempting to educate and persuade from within the organization. Barring that one note of blatant discrimination, scouting does celebrate and encourage diversity of race and religion.

    Since 1910, the Boys Scouts of America has been providing an attractive program for youth participation. As parents find teens with more free time in summer months, scouting offers an activity that teaches a myriad of skills with the stepped participation, resulting in the sense of accomplishment. And, by offering incremental goals and promotion, the BSA can be a crucial sway for participants to develop self-esteem and lifetime skills.

  • Tips On How To Make The Most of A New York City Vacation

    Times Square in downtown New YorkTraveling to New York is one of those experiences you are never going to forget.

    The city has so much to offer, and you are going to be lost in its beauty as soon as you arrive. Those who are looking to get a lot of value out of their trip and want to set up an itinerary need to take a look at this article.

    Here is a peek into what you are going to want to think about as you are hoping to prep for the big trip over to NYC.

    Prepare For The Weather

    New York City has frigid winters with loads of snow and sizzling summers. You want to prepare for this as you are the only one who will know when the trip is coming up. Think about the season in New York and then pack.

    This is going to ensure you are not left freezing in the winter or burning in the summer without a second option. Always look into this when you are traveling and even more so when it comes to New York City.

    It will make life easier as you experience what the city has to offer.

    Enjoy The Popular Attractions

    run or rent a bike around Central ParkYou have to prepare for the major tourist attractions in NYC as soon as you know the trip is on.

    What are some of the best places to visit as you are figuring things out? There are many places you can visit in NYC, but the main ones are going to be Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t forget to try out biking around in Central Park, NYC!

    Put these places on the list and make sure to visit them as soon as you can. It is going to be an experience you adore for a long time.

    Learn to Walk

    Now, this is where people mess up when it comes to New York City.

    take pictures while walking in NYCOf course, you don’t want to walk all the time but don’t be afraid to get on your feet and take a look around. This is a multi-cultural city, and there is so much going on. If you stick in the car, you are going to miss out a lot.

    You want to take the time to appreciate the intricacies of NYC with the help of walking around. It is going to mesmerize you, and that is the reason people enjoy coming to this bustling city when they travel.

    There isn’t a better city in the nation when it comes to tourism, and you are going to love it. New York City has something for everyone, and you are going to fit right in. This is one of those cities that is a must-see place and one that has to be prepared for.

    If you prepare, you are going to have the time of your life and will be able to make the most of your vacation. The items listed here are a great starting point for your journey to New York City.

  • Music – The Most Important Part Of Your Wedding

    wedding reception mood is not complete without musicWhile everything that goes into your wedding is important, some things often get overlooked, but that can make or break the way that people think back on your wedding and how long they stay. One of the most important of these is the music that is played during your reception. This is because it plays during the part of the wedding that people are most likely to be speaking with the bride or groom, visiting with family, or trying to make memories together. This is the part of the wedding where memories are made, and our favorite wedding band in NYC & New Jersey helps encourage these exact memories.

    When you are picking out the music for your wedding, most people only think of the music that means something to you, but that may not be enough. While most couples will be happy no matter what on their wedding day, their guests are another story. This applies in particular if there is an age gap, if there are people from different ethnic backgrounds attending, or if your personal taste in music happens to be something like heavy metal or screamo. What you like may not be to the taste of your guests, and guests who don’t like the music are more likely to leave the wedding early, not giving the wedding party time to enjoy their presence.

    wedding DJ keeps the mood livelySpeaking with a DJ who has done a number of different weddings is one of the best ways to find out if you have enough variety planned for the wedding. DJs who have already worked at some weddings will know what songs are popular in an area, why people leave, and how long people typically stay. If you have a set playlist for them, they might be able to work other songs into it, or they may be able to give you advice, even if you think that your playlist is perfect.

    If you decide to give the DJ free reign with the music, you may actually get better results. DJs will look out at the crowd, see what is getting people dancing, what people are excited to hear, and what people are obviously annoyed with. This allows them to cater the music to the overall mood, and to keep people from being bored or frustrated. A good DJ will be able to keep the guests on the dance floor for most of the night and able to keep everyone enjoying themselves, even after the couple has departed for their honeymoon.

    guests should be entertained at the receptionFinding someone that you trust to help you with the music and to help remove your own biases, while still keeping your preferences in mind, will ensure that everyone who comes to the wedding enjoys themselves as much as they possibly can. When people enjoy themselves they remember the weddings fondly, they speak of it to their friends, and the couple who hosted the wedding is likely to feel that it has been a success.

  • Targeted Fat Loss: Does it Work?

    A healthy body is more than workouts. It is a combination of exercise, diet, and a never-give-up mindset. The advertisements we see on TV with people with well-sculpted cores want us to believe that the (toned bodies) are a result of eating their tuna or taking their dietary supplement, but we all know it takes more than putting a few spoonfuls to transform into that.

    As if weight loss and maintaining your goal weight is not hard enough, sometimes there are stubborn fats that will not leave no matter how many pounds you think you have lost. These flabs are usually found around your waist, in your hips, at your back, and despite the feeling that you are indeed healthy, (the stubborn cellulite keeps holding you back).

    targeted fat loss needs weight trainingTargeted weight loss is a lifestyle plan that involves body part-specific training by personal trainers in your local area and a healthy diet. And can you believe the takeaway here is the diet?

    Yes, the secret to getting rid of stubborn fat lies in the diet. Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin developed the Biosignature Modulation Method, a system that makes use of fat measurements to determine which hormone is out of whack so you can rebalance it through vitamins, improved diet, supplements, and of course, strength train.

    In the left column are the hormones and on the right are the places they usually manifest themselves in ugly ways.

    Hormone Abnormal Skin Fold Measurement
    Thyroid Upper abs below end of ribs
    Estrogen Hamstrings, quads
    Testosterone Chest, triceps
    Growth Hormone Knee, Calf
    Cortisol Stomach
    Insulin Love handle, upper back

    This concept may have a handful of doubting Thomases, but science has spoken: In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists discovered that there was indeed a loss of fat in the upper arm when they raised testosterone levels above normal. A similar study in Yale University also stated that the stress hormone cortisol indeed increases abdominal fat.

    muscle definition does not come over nightIf you are planning to try targeted weight loss, the first thing you should do is to get the fat on your problem areas with a caliper through the help of a qualified Biosignature practitioner. After that, get a blood and hormone test and see whether your hormones have anything to do with it.

    But fat loss is a whole body experience. To begin to tackle the problematic parts, one should make sure that everything else is just at the right level. Women should possess at least 20%, and men should have 10% overall body fat percentage to begin the targeted weight loss work out. To get to this basic level—and make room for the higher ones—one should expect calorie deficit in the otherwise known as induction phase. Skipping this vital step has big (hah) consequences: you will not lose any fat, but your muscles will grow, making you look bulky.

    A toned body requires discipline. To build lean muscles and get rid of the excess fat you wish to deny to have, develop a workout AND a nutrition plan that will keep off the stubborn cellulite from the inside.