Wet 'n Wild In The Great Smoky Mountains
On Friday, August 8th, five youth and six adults from Crew 5 in Wake Forest, NC headed out at 8:00 am for a Whitewater Super Activity weekend… Read more

Crossroads of America Scout Band, 2014 Pensacola Tour
The oldest Scout Band in the United States… Read more

Crew Assists in Presidential Ceremony
Each year on the anniversary of their births, the incumbent President presents a flowered wreath to the gravesite of each deceased president.   Read more
Thoughts on Venturing's Future
Will your Crew's Program Be Driven by a Special Activity Interest or by Advancement?   Read more

What can we conclude about Venturing from the new Key Performance Indicators reporting method?
Read more

Know Thyself: StrenghtsFinder & Conclusion
As leaders, knowing ourselves is an important aspect of leadership that is too often overlooked.   Read more

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